Meet the 2017 - 2018 Viers Mill PTA Board Members


Lorena Moyer - President

Favorite PTA event:  All our events area fantastic, however, my favorite is International Night.  I love seeing our families come out to display items from their countries, perform traditional dances, and provide samples of their traditional dishes.  Our families truly shine at this event.

Why I joined the PTA:  I joined the PTA so I could be part of the school community, meet new families, and support our students, teachers, and staff.

Children:  Colin, 4th Grade and Megan, Kindergarten

Languages:  English, some Spanish

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 Amanda Anderko - Vice President, Parent Involvement

Favorite PTA event:  International Night is, hands down, my favorite. I love everyone getting together to celebrate and learn about the different cultures in our school.  I'm also a huge fan of the Book Fair!

Why I joined the PTA:  When I volunteer at PTA events, my daughter is always very proud and excited to tell people "That's my mom!"  And I think it's important for her to see that it takes everyone doing something and working together to make the successful and thriving community that is present at Viers Mill.

Children:  Daphne, 3rd Grade

Languages:  English and Sarcasm :)


Glady Diaz - Vice President, Operations

Favorite PTA event:  Creepy House

Why I joined the PTA:  I wanted to make sure that I knew what is happening with my child's education and in her school.  I also wanted the opportunity to advocate for her right (and every other child's right) to an excellent and well rounded education.

Children:  Wynnie, 1st Grade, Wyatt, 3 Global

Language:  English



Carrie Rhoads - Secretary

Favorite PTA event:  My favorite event is International Night because you get to know people and their heritage better and of course sample everyone's fantastic cooking. Plus the kids learn so much about other cultures.

Why I joined the PTA:  I joined PTA because kids do better in school when parents are involved and because the events are a lot of fun, both for kids and parents.

Children:  Evan, 1st Grade

Languages:  English

Devala Janardan - Treasurer

Favorite PTA event

Why I joined the PTA: